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Of the many beneficial aspects of fully retractable  aluminum bifold doors, two in particular regularly escape the attention of most consumers. If you're thinking about installing bilfold doors as part of a home restoration project or home improvement project and currently weighing the pros and cons, you might not have considered them either.


Recently, one of our customers happily told us about a pleasant surprise he experienced. Just a few months after installing  aluminum bifold doors in his house his property was appraised at over 25% of the previous valuation, taken just a short time prior. The reasons for the increased valuation essentially pointed to the improvements to the home's appearance, both inside and out.


For anyone who's seen before and after photos of homes with aluminum bifold doors, there's little doubt about the dramatic difference the doors make.  Replacing a solid, wooden wall with a transparent, aluminum framed glass portal to the outside creates the illusion of more space inside a home, immediately transforming a cramped or tight living space into an oasis of freedom and openness.


But, there's another benefit to aluminum bifold doors. A benefit that stretches beyond the aesthetic. Beyond the beauty. A benefit that cuts right into the bottom line. That benefit is saving money on home energy and fuel costs.


Today, regulatory bodies ensure materials and components are more energy efficient than they've ever been. This means the materials used in the construction of bifold door frames and glass sheets combine to make some of the most cost-effective replacements and technologically advanced improvements homeowners can make. And the effect is remarkable.


During the colder months, bifold doors let sunlight into your home, naturally warming its interior. At the same time, the quality construction of the doors prevents precious heat from escaping  to the outside. So you'll spend less on heating your home in the winter. And during the warmer months, the same technology and construction that prevents warm air from escaping during winter, prevents cooler air from leaving.


If you're searching for reasons to move forward with a decision to purchase and install aluminum bifold doors, now you know a few of the advantages. Maybe you want to increase the visual appeal of your home. Maybe your motivations are more financially-minded. Maybe you want both visual and financial benefits. Aluminum bifold doors deliver on both and might be just the type of home improvement you're looking for.

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