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The glass doors available from Vivo Doors have endless benefits and amazing features that make our products the best. With many years of experience, we have managed to combine the most technologically advanced and convenient features with our high quality products. Even alongside the extensive and constant industry changes, we know everything that is needed to produce a customisable range of folding sliding doors that can offer our customers numerous advantages. Vivo Doors are proud to have developed such an incredible product, and it is a pleasure to see the satisfaction of our customers that depend on us for their made to measure doors systems that we design, build and install with our expert teams.


Folding Sliding Doors - Versatile for Every Application:


 Our folding sliding doors are unique, with fully retractable panels they are unlike previous aluminium sliding doors that would slide in front of each other, limiting the functions possible with the space. Our ultra slim folding sliding doors will slide smoothly across and provide a wide entrance space that will make any room look much larger. The sliding doors can be installed in the interior of a property such as a room or office divider, or in the exterior such as a patio door. When installed as a patio door, the slim profile allows in ample sunshine to brighten and warm the internal space, plus the doors will be secure, insulating and durable.



 One of the greatest features of the folding sliding patio doors is their excellent U value, meaning they are highly energy efficient. Once the doors are installed, the majority of customers see a reduction in their energy bills almost immediately. Reduce the demand on the property's heating and cooling system with the insulating properties of our folding sliding glass doors. Huge savings can be made in the long term, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your property and increasing property value after installation.


The Ease of Using Folding Sliding Doors:


 The folding sliding doors in our range are highlighted by their ease of use. Within the system, there is a built-in access door, so even with multi-panel systems it is still easy to enter and exit swiftly. Vivo Doors have the ability to install up to 10 panels in a single system, to cover extremely wide openings and accommodating almost any architectural style, as every one of our products is made to measure. The order process begins with an expert technician who will come to measure the dimensions of the installation area. The real work begins with our design and manufacture team, who will complete the products at our facility and have the doors installed within 4 weeks.


Sliding Doors with Many Options:


 Both our internal and external folding sliding doors can come with single or double glazing, depending on the customer preference. If a door will be installed outside, it will come with an innovative weather protection system which features durability and strength so the doors can withstand any degrees as well as rain, snow and ice. The thermally broken aluminium frames also contribute to the performance, energy efficiency and more. There are a range of options for the frame designs as well as the powder coated aluminium holding rails, which will continue to look as good as new even through years of abuse. Integrated blinds can even be included in the design so privacy is just one click away.


Security is Key - Multi-Point Locking System:


 When required, a three-point locking system can be integrated with our sliding glass doors. With customised design options, customers can increase the security and feel safer within their own property. The sliding doors that our customers can depend on are extremely lightweight and easy to use, yet they are strong and secure enough to resist break-ins.


Quality Glazing Options


 The many benefits of our strong construction are highlighted by the quality of the glass we use. The glazing in our folding sliding doors is strong, energy efficient and provides high visibility, plus it also comes in multiple options. Customers can choose from self-cleaning glass, Pilkington, 4 seasons and solar glass that has a higher U-value and greater efficiency. The standard of all of our glass is top quality, with double glazed “K” toughened glass.


Bespoke Folding Sliding Doors:


 A huge advantage with our bespoke folding sliding doors is when they are installed facing the outdoors, there is an unobstructed clear view. Almost 90% of the panels are clear glass, meaning you can enjoy the nice weather and a scenic vista from the comfort of your home. This is made even better the easy use of the doors, which you simply just unlock and slide open smoothly with no strain. Drafts are also prevented, so your home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.



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