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Patio doors are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. The most modern advance is the ultra slim patio door, which offers home and business owners numerous advantages. Although the contemporary bifold patio doors have recently grown in popularity, the slimline counterparts are currently building their own market share very quickly. Vivo Doors are the best way to get your hands on the newest slimline patio doors, where each order is designed and manufactured in our own facility, just like we do with our admired sliding patio doors. The benefits offered by our ultra slim patio doors are vast, with most importantly the aesthetic value of any room being maximised largely. Around 90% of the door coverage is clear glass, as the usual bulky frames and hardware of patio doors have almost been eliminated from the design, so there is more room for the glazing. Natural light in any room will brighten and warm the space, making it more appealing, comfortable and lifting the mood.


Configurable Slimline Patio Door Systems


 The design of our slimline patio doors are flexible and can be customised with many different options depending on the customer's specifications. A patio door can often come with a one panel configuration, but Vivo Doors can install slimline patio doors with up to ten panels to cover larger spaces. When combined as a multiple series, we can effectively cover large areas as extensive as eight meters wide. Ultra slim patio doors can in reality coordinate with any kind of property or décor to give a stylish and useful attraction. As well as looking elegant, the slim panels will enable the user to smoothly open the door, with the panel needing very little additional space other than the volume of the door. The pioneering sliding mechanism aids in conserving space also, so users can open the doors up as larger entrances.


Huge Energy Savings


 Only recently have people begun to realise that doors and windows of a building can affect the amount of energy used. The ultra slim doors available at Vivo Doors have been developed so that they can offer huge energy savings. With more glass coverage than ever before, the doors allow more sunlight to enter the space, which in turn will naturally heat the interior space more effectively than even central heating systems. There is therefore less need for energy to heat the space, so customers can see lower bills and there will be a reduced amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere.


A Better Alternative to UPVC


 Once upon a time UPVC was the most popular door material, due to the cheaper price and insulation potential. However, our aluminium patio doors come with a much slimmer design than is even possible with UPVC, plus they are more practical in today’s environment and economy. By installing slimline aluminium doors, value will automatically be added to a property. The aluminium frames are also energy efficient, secure and long lasting. There will be no more bulky frames occupying space and looking unattractive.  Here at Vivo Doors we can even adapt the dimensions of the doors to suit the requirements of the customer so that each patio door is one of a kind.


Flexibility - Interior and Exterior Applications


 Our ultra slim patio doors can fit in even the tightest of spaces. They can be fitted indoors as a room divider or outside as a patio door. The doors are installed with a weather protection system that ensures they will last under any weather conditions. Through rain and snow, the doors will stay strong and leave you feeling comfortable inside no matter what the conditions are outside. Our slimline doors can be installed as patio or balcony entrances, interior room dividers in homes or offices, shop fronts and even swimming pool enclosures.


Strength and Durability


 With years of development, our ultra slim aluminium patio doors are built to survive and continue to look and work like the day they were installed even for years to come. Built with toughened double glazed “K” glass and a multi-point security locking system, the doors provide what every property owner needs to achieve peace of mind. With thermal aluminium frames and aluminium holding rails, there is an increase in versatility too. Over time, attempted break-ins and constant will fail to affect or damage these tough doors.


Designed and Built by Experts:


 There are many companies in the UK that supply patio doors, but Vivo Doors is different as our entire team has many years of experience. As well as being strong and convenient, our ultra slim patio doors are custom made for each order. We begin the process by sending out a team to measure the opening where the door will be installed. After the design phase, the doors are then custom manufactured in our UK facility, where they can then be installed within four weeks. The best thing about Vivo Doors is that we measure, build, deliver, and install the entire system with the most expert of hands. 

Ultra Slim Patio Door Options: 


 The many options we have leads to further customising the slimline doors and having a completely unique and personalised system. All the RAL colours are available for powder coated hand rails, whilst there are also different handle designs to choose from. There are a range of different double glazing options to choose from also, including Solar, Pilkington, 4 seasons, and Self-Cleaning glass types. The doors can also come with integrated blinds which are fully contained within the panes and have a choice of operating mechanisms. There is no other supplier in the UK who offer such diversity and selection for their customers.


Longevity and Product Aftercare:


 With an extremely durable design, our ultra slim patio doors will stand up to the elements even with years of weather extremes and excessive use, the function of the doors will continue to be top quality.  There can even be savings when installing a Vivo Doors door, first with energy efficiency and secondly as you will not have to replace your doors anytime in the near future. Even maintenance should be very rare, apart from wiping the glass with a cloth once in a while. We will install our patio doors anywhere in the UK and continue to provide aftercare and a guarantee for your doors for years to come.


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