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With customer services and product quality being the most important priorities for Vivo Doors, we also believe that meeting the most recent national regulations and standards is essential. The strict regulations that have been put forth by the government for both commercial and residential buildings have the potential to affect the benefits that our patio doors offer, but we have managed to overcome this. Not only does Vivo Doors follow the standards to be compliant, we also follow the regulations so that we can offer our customers as many advantages as possible. We like to offer a complete service including measuring, manufacturing, designing, delivering and installing across the UK. We also have full control of the needed specifications of our products so we can ensure high quality alongside the industry standards.


 One of the biggest advantages of our French doors is the energy efficiency that they offer. By allowing in more sunlight and insulating the entrance, the doors enable the heat within the space to be kept inside which therefore reduces the demand for heating systems and lowers energy usage. The thermal technologies of our French doors do more than meet the UK building regulations of conserving power. Our French doors can be installed inside or out, where they will certainly make a difference in your property's energy usage and carbon footprint.


French Doors - Installed Within 4 Weeks


 With already existing properties, the building regulations will affect how much of an extension that windows and doors can cover, but with the large surface of glass on our French doors, the energy efficiency, insulation and draught prevention will be effective no matter the size of the doors. No matter if they are installed as patio doors, conservatory entrances or interior doors, our French doors will increase the comfort of your home and satisfy every customer. Our French doors are extremely versatile and have the option to open in different configurations, such as multi-panel configurations which can accommodate of many guests and create a large entrance space. Once ordered and dimensions have been measured, the doors will take less than 4 weeks to be designed, built, delivered and installed. This time even includes the unique customisation that each of our products have, where customers can add their own requirements to the design of their doors.


Unlimited Applications for Residential and Commercial Purposes:


 The French door from Vivo Doors surpasses all fire safety regulations that must be standard in both residential and commercial properties. Our external and internal glazed doors are built securely and safely in many ways. A highly secure three point locking system ensures the doors are tough enough to withstand any attempted forced entry and a weather protection system makes sure the doors cannot be damaged by extreme conditions. The French doors are also very easy to use, by opening and closing smoothly upon a rail system.


Improving Your Living Standards


 With both our interior and exterior French doors, spaces will be expanded. Traditional doors normally take up much more room to open and close, but we have developed our products to be slimline, space saving and convenient. Vivo Doors follows all of the recent British standards and regulations to make life easier for the customer. We ensure you not only have stylish, easy to use doors, but also include beneficial features such as weather proofing systems, thermally broken aluminium frames, integrated blinds if needed, many handle options, colour options and secure multi-point locking systems to maximise peace of mind for the customer and security for the property. 


Double Glazed Ultra Slim French Doors:


 The slimline frames of our French doors are a standout feature that is unique and very modern. With the ultra slim frames, the doors include more glass coverage than any other French doors that our competitors offer. As well as energy efficiency, you will also get wider, uninterrupted views and your interior space will be brighter and warmer. Our aluminum French doors are manufactured in the UK and can be delivered and installed at any location in the country. Our expertly trained professional production and installation team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so customers can get assistance whenever is necessary.




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