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As technology advances with design, materials and manufacture, glass doors have become a part of almost every home and business across the UK. Vivo Doors is proud to offer only the highest quality and reliable products available on the market. Fully retractable frameless sliding glass doors offer numerous applications that have enhanced properties all over the country and improved both living spaces and businesses beyond belief. With the slimmest frames available yet, clear glass views are provided from floor to ceiling, plus energy and heating costs can be reduced by the thermally efficient design of the doors. Frameless glass doors can be fitted to almost any property in any location, accommodating both interior and exterior applications.


Frameless Glass Doors - Adaptable and Fully Retractable:

 Frameless sliding glass doors are the most convenient of all doors as they take up the least space and are easy to use. With a stylish design, when folded out the panels do not take up any more space than the size of the door. Compared to traditional doors, which are bulky and need a lot of space to open up, sliding doors are perfect for maximising on space and creating a wide entrance. Frameless sliding glass doors are most popularly used as patio doors, with an almost completely clear glass view that creates amazing aesthetics. No matter where you are in the room, you can look directly out to the natural environment and enjoy views of the garden, countryside or even beach, depending on where you live.


Uses of Interior Frameless Glass Doors:


 Frameless folding glass doors are also ideal for interior use, as a divider between rooms. Instead of a wall or wooden door, a glass door can be installed between rooms which can be opened up to increase the space in the property and can also be closed when privacy is needed. The interior space will be brighter, more open and feel larger and more comfortable. Your interior space will be more flexible, if you have guests over you can accommodate them all in one large room with the doors open. Installing frameless glass doors inside a property is also energy efficient, as they can keep warm or cool air within the rooms as well as the whole property. 


 Installing interior glass doors within offices is also becoming very common, as they are the most ideal option. Rather than partitioning the office spaces with walls, frameless glass doors can join the space whilst also giving the option of privacy. With the slim frame and clear glass views, the space in general will be much brighter and more inviting. Integrated blinds can be used with those offices that need complete privacy. Even when the smaller departments are separated with glass doors, they still feel open and vibrant and employees will feel more comfortable in this bright and warm environment. Entire walls can even be created with our internal glass doors, which are tough, durable and secure. Contemporary architects are even integrating frameless glass doors into new building designs for both homes and commercial establishments, and shops are using them for their entire front facade. Our frameless glass doors look elegant and unique, yet they are strong and durable enough to withstand rigorous weather conditions while lasting long term.


Advantages of Frameless Glass Doors:


 Every glass door we install is unique, as we design and build them with made to measure specifications. Frameless glass doors can be used as patio doors, balcony entrances and even swimming pool enclosures. Being elegant and attractive, insulating, energy efficient, strong, secure and offering the best views possible, frameless glass doors offer property owners a long list of advantages. Even when the weather is cold outside, the frameless glass doors will keep your interior space warm and bright, so you can feel comfortable all of the time. Enjoy the clear views when the doors are closed, and when the doors are open you will have a wide entrance space that will join the garden with your home.


 All of our doors come with a grade 'A' level of energy efficiency, which is the highest rating. Installing frameless glass doors inside or outside is a great way to make your property more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint. With our doors, we offer a choice of single and double glazed glass as well as a variety of options of glass such as solar UV protecting glass, self-cleaning glass, Pilkington and 4 seasons. The high quality materials we use and the exceptional design of the doors will insulate a property and reduce the demand on energy systems. With slimmer frames and increased glass coverage, more sunlight is allowed in which creates natural light and warmth that is more effective than central heating. Becoming more aware of saving energy will also keep your bills down, with small things such as turning unnecessary lights off, turning down the heating by a few degrees and unplugging electric devices that are not in use. A more energy efficient home is a more comfortable home, utility bills are less, there are potential tax credits and savings and most importantly, there are reduced carbon emissions being released in to the atmosphere.


 In addition, our frameless glass doors will also maximize security and safety of a property. Built with high-tech multi point locking systems and tough materials, the doors strong enough to protect your property. With an array of design options such as handles, colours and glass options, the doors are very versatile and we can customise and personalise each glass door to your needs, so you can create the door you have always dreamed of.


Versatile Frameless Glass Doors - Suitable For All Commercial or Residential Applications:


 Vivo Doors has served customers in all different kinds of climates and we are sure that our products will hold up even in the most extreme of weather conditions. The environment in which our frameless glass doors are installed can be exceptionally hot or cold and the doors will still provide you with security, comfort and safety even with the unpredictable weather of the UK. Our frameless glass doors come with single door panels joined together, we can install single doors up to ten panels in a completed system. Each door can open individually or you can open up the whole set, begin by opening the access panel and then simply slide each successive panel across smoothly. Each panel can be easily moved to the without intruding on your interior space, to create a wide entrance.


 As well as the convenience and efficiency of our frameless glass doors, customers are realising they are also an attractive addition to their home. The installation of new frameless glass doors can greatly increase the value of the property and add a new feature that looks inviting and stylish to guests. A perfect investment, frameless glass doors are appealing due to many reasons and both the property and residents will benefit.


  Even building contractors and architects are making use of our frameless glass doors. Since they can be used in almost unlimited applications, building designers and renovators are finding unique ways of integrating them within new and old properties, therefore contributing to the development and success of the overall industry. These days, there are many innovative architectural designs that feature glass, and these are now easier to bring to life in everyday buildings with the designs and technology of doors and windows that we offer here at Vivo Doors.

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