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Vivo Doors is like no other glass door supplier and with years of professional experience in the industry, our expertise is unbeatable. Along with our superior quality of products ranging from bifold doors to sliding doors, our main concern is always the customer. Every order we complete is designed with the customised requirements of the customer. Our services begin with measuring the dimensions of the property where the product will be installed, and then from there our top quality products will be built and installed in a simple and enjoyable process.


Ultra Slim and Fully Retractable Bifold Doors:


 The functionality of your home or business can be maximised with the installation of our slimline bifold doors. The easy to use doors contain increased glass coverage which provides continuous and inspirational views and also allows more natural light to enter the space, making it warmer and more inviting inside. Save on energy and heating bills with the thermally efficient frames and glass, a modern development that leaves your home heated without turning on the heat. The bifold patio doors can fold open and to the sides to create a wide space, plus they are resistant to weather damage and tested to the most recent national regulations and standards.

Versatile Applications - Internal or External:

 Custom manufactured at our UK facility, every slimline aluminium bifold door is designed to provide a long service life. We can install them inside your property or as exterior units such as patio doors or pool enclosures. Even though they are ultra slim, our doors are even strong and secure enough to use as shop facades and office partitions. The designers, engineers and installers of Vivo Doors all have extensive training in the technologies of glass and the ranges of patio doors. Over the years we have fitted thousands of bifold patio doors nationwide for many happy customers in both residential and commercial properties. As our technologies have progressed, we have managed to eliminate the bulky frames of older patio doors as well as the sometimes awkward opening techniques of doors that may have deterred clients in the past. 


Fully Installed Within 4 Weeks!


 Bifold doors ordered by all of our UK customers are made-to-measure every single time. The process begins with our technicians conducting a survey and taking note of the exact measurements. The doors are then completed, tailored to the exact specifications of the customer, and installed within four weeks. Every product from Vivo Doors comes with a full warranty and aftercare package. Our bifold and trifold doors can be used as patio doors, interior room or office dividers, shop fronts, pool enclosures or balcony entrances. Alongside the convenience, flexibility and durability of the doors, the ultra slim frames of the bifold panels offer almost 100% clear glass views which will increase the energy efficiency of a property as well as improve the atmosphere and comfort.


 The thousands of complete installations across the UK have proven the quality of the fully supportive service that we offer. No matter if it is a home, commercial property, construction firm or architectural corporation, Vivo Doors are the best at contributing to contemporary and environmentally friendly building structures. There may be many kinds of bifold doors on the market, but there are no suppliers that can compete with the quality of our doors, professional customer service and variety of design options that we offer. There are hundreds of colour options for the doors, as well as glass types, powder coating options and flexible frame sizes, so your doors can be tailored to your requirements. Customers can even visit out production facility anytime to see how we construct and test all of our products expertly.


Quality and Function - Our Number One Priority:


 With UPVC previously being the most popular patio door material, Vivo Doors have realised the many benefits of aluminium. With ultra slim frames and the same energy efficiency, our aluminium bifold doors are stylish, thermally efficient and at a lower price than the bulkier UPVC doors. With thermally broken frames and double glazing, the entryways will provide a lesser demand on your heating and cooling systems resulting in lower energy bills. The tough aluminium frames may be slim, but they are easy to use, secure, low maintenance and long lasting.


Teams of Experts:


 At Vivo Doors, we employ an expert team of professional designers, manufacturers and installers who all have industry leading knowledge and experience. Every member of our teams is dedicated to serving our customers and requirements. Every product is uniquely built and then tested to make sure it will be able to stand all rigorous conditions and will stand the test of time. Check out the rest of our website for more information on our products and services.


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